Fun With Messages

We all use the Messages app to stay in touch with our friends and family. It’s a great way to not only send off a quick text message but also to share photos, locations, and more. But, there are some hidden features that can add some fun to your messages.

Add Pizzazz

There are many effects you can add to your message that will make it stand out, and it’s really easy to do. Go to the Messages app and type a message, but don’t send it yet:

Now, instead of just tapping the send button, touch and hold it, and you’ll see this:

Bubble Effects

This the Send with effect screen. There are two types of effects you see at listed at the top of the screen: Bubble and Screen, with Bubble already being selected. On the right side is the list of bubble effects. Tap one to see what it will look like. If you want to send it, just tap the send button.

Full Screen Effects

To choose full-screen effects, tap Screen at the top. You’ll see an example of a full-screen effect. There are many full-screen effects to choose from. Just swipe right or left to look at them and choose the one you want. Each time you swipe, you’ll see an example of that effect. If you like that one, tap the send button.


If you change your mind, just tap the cancel button to go back to the regular message screen.

More Information

I hope you enjoy sending your messages with some of these effects. There are other types of effects that you can use with Messages as well. To learn more, see Apple’s web site:

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