Password Review

It seems as if we read about data leaks and security issues in the news almost daily. I’ve written in the past (here) about how important strong, unique passwords are to staying safe and secure online. It’s difficult to keep track of which companies have had issues and if we have accounts there. Luckily, there is an easy way to know if our accounts are at risk and to make changes to improve our security.

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Apple Updates

Apple recently announced new devices and released updates to their various operating systems: iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. These system updates are not the major system updates we usually get near the end of the year, but a smaller collection of features and tweaks. As with every release, there are also a set of bug fixes and security and privacy updates. Here’s a quick overview of the updates.

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Taking Notes

When I was in school I carried several notebooks with me. I kept track of everything in them: class notes, assignments, project research, bits of random information, and even doodles. In our digital world, keeping track of information is much easier than the old days, with the added benefit of being able to easily find and share things as well as having access on all our devices. In this post I cover more ways to keep records and store information.

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Keeping Records

Many activities that once were done with a telephone call and paper documents are now handled on websites or through email. While printing emails and web pages is a fine way to keep track of things, your iPhone and iPad allow you to store these digitally. This has the added benefit of easy search and backup, as well as availability across your devices.

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Privacy Review

While the new year is already well underway, there is one more area that I think is important to consider for a fresh start to the year: privacy. We use our devices for so much of our daily lives and they not only contain a lot of our information, but they also store data about us. Reviewing what apps are able to access on our devices is an important part of controlling your information.

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Making Space

It’s amazing how much of our information we store on our devices. Whether it’s emails, text messages, photos & videos, or documents, our devices, and their corresponding cloud services, have become our digital file cabinets. Unfortunately, we have limited amounts of storage available and can quickly fill it up before we know it. Before buying a new device or more cloud storage, use these tips to make more space.

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A Fresh Start

As a new year begins I’ve been thinking about fresh starts. This is a good time to organize and clean out our digital lives so that we can start the year fresh, ready for anything. As we use our devices for more and more, it’s amazing how much stuff accumulates on them. Here are a few tips to help you organize and clean up your devices and get ready for the year ahead.

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