Easily Edit Text

Entering text is probably the most common thing we do on our devices, whether it’s sending a message, writing an email, or jotting down a note. How often do you mistype something and need to correct it? There is a relatively new, and much easier way to go back and change text you’ve already typed.

A Better Way

You may be familiar with the original way to move the text cursor by tapping and holding on a word until you see the magnifying glass. While that method still works, there is a much better way that was added in the latest operating system (iOS 12).

When you want to move the cursor, simply tap and hold on the space bar. After a moment, the keyboard will blank out, and you can move your finger around to place the cursor exactly where you want it:

This has the advantage that you can still see all of your text so you know exactly where the cursor is while moving it.

Select Text

This new method also has an easy way to select text. Once you’ve entered trackpad mode as outlined above, move the cursor to the beginning of the word you’d like to select and hold your finger there:

Now, while continuing to hold your first finger on the screen, use another finger to tap in the keyboard area. Don’t hold the second finger down, just tap and release. This switches into selection mode. As you move your first finger, you will now select text instead of moving the cursor:

This is great if you want to select a word or a block of text to copy, delete, or otherwise act upon.

Edit Away!

This new method for moving the cursor and selecting text makes working with and editing your text much easier. I hope you find it as useful as I do.

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  1. I knew how to move the cursor using the KB as a trackpad, but I did not know about adding a 2nd finger to select text! I’m need to try this! As a writer/blogger, selecting/editing text on iOS is one of those little things that often nudges me back to a PC for the mouse. Glad to know this now. Thanks. OH, the only bad part is when using my bluetooth keyboard with my iPad. I can use the cursor keys to to move the cursor, but I must select text with my finger tapping the text itself…still kind of clunky.


    1. I agree that selecting text with your finger leaves a bit to be desired. I’ve found that using the keyboard shortcuts for selecting text (Shift + arrows, Shift + Option + arrows, etc) makes it much faster. Getting used to this took me quite some time and I had to force myself to use this approach over and over. After a while, it’s become my default.

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