Reader View in Safari

I’ve written previously that I do a lot of reading on my iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, reading a web page is not always a great experience. Many web pages are filled with things not related to what I’m trying to read: ads, links to other sites, comments, social media, and more. Safari has a great way to focus on just the main content: Reader View.

Reader View

In the example below, the page has many distractions mixed in with the article. These make it hard to focus on the article.

If I want to read about the slam-dunking otter (and who wouldn’t), I have to scroll through ads and videos, in addition to seeing many other unrelated links on the right:

To remove everything except the article itself, tap the Reader View button on the left side of the Address Bar. (If the Address Bar is hidden, tap the top of the screen first):

You will now see just the article, without the distractions, in an easy-to-read format:

To turn off Reader View, tap the button again.

Note: some web pages cannot be shown in Reader View and therefore will not display the Reader View button.

Adjust The View

You can adjust Reader View so that it displays articles just the way you like. To do so, tap the Format button:

To make the text smaller or larger, tap on the small or large A:

You can also change the background color or the font used. A black background is nice if you’re reading in a dark setting, for example.

Automatic Reader View

If you’d like web pages to always be displayed using Reader View, tap and hold on the Reader View button:

You can choose to automatically use Reader View for the current site, or for all sites.

Easy Reading

It’s wonderful to have so much reading material at your fingertips. You can read at almost any time or in any place. I hope these tips help you enjoy reading web pages on your iPhone or iPad even more.


Apple’s Safari Reader Article

Cover photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash*

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  1. Rob, man, I actually learned something new again! Not kidding. I’m an Apple fan, love my iPad and iPhone, and follow plenty of tech news, podcasts, and sites. I love and use Reader view. I forgot about “dark mode” reading and need to remember that at night in bed. But I kid you not, I never knew you could auto-set Reader view, and that it’s even granular: a certain site or all sites! That is new to me. Now I’m lovin my iPad more. Thanks for sharing these simple tips and in a clear and concise way. I mean it. Hope I don’t sound disingenuous. Take care.

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