How To Use the iPhone as a Level

We recently moved into a new home and once all the furniture was placed and the boxes unpacked, we started to hang pictures. The problem was that the garage was still a mess and we couldn’t find our level. The solution? The iPhone, of course!

Measure App

The iPhone comes with a built-in app called Measure that works really well as a level. It’s simple to use and is quite accurate. To use the level, launch the Measure app and tap Level at the bottom. By default, the Measure app is located in a folder called Utilities:

On An Edge

To level an object on a vertical surface, such as a picture hanging on a wall, place the side of your iPhone on the edge of the object. I find that using the long side of the phone works best:

You will see how many degrees off center the item is. Just move the object until the level turns green and shows 0 degrees:

Flat Surface

You can also level a flat surface, such as a table. To do that, lay your iPhone flat on the table. You’ll see two circles that show how far off level the table is:

Adjust the table until the two circles come together to form a single circle and the level turns green:

Set Your Own Starting Point

If you want to set the level’s starting point so that you can measure the difference from that point, place the level where you’d like and tap the screen. That will set the level to 0° and you can now measure the difference from that starting point. Tap the screen again to reset the level.


The Measure app can also do simple length measurements of objects. While the level has worked flawlessly for me, I’ve had less luck with measuring objects. I may spend more time with this and come back to it in a future article.

On The Level

It’s amazing how many things our iPhones can do for us. I’ve used the level feature many times because I always have my iPhone with me. I hope you find it as useful as I have.

I hope you’re enjoying Rob’s Tech Talk. If there is anything you’d like to see me cover in future articles, let me know by commenting below or reaching out on my Contact Me page.

2 thoughts on “How To Use the iPhone as a Level

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  1. So level was in the compass app for flat surfaces only I think. I did not know it could now measure edges! I need to try the measure app more. I only tried it once recently. It worked in a few spots but not in another. I need practice.

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    1. Thanks, Jason. I’ve had the same experience with measuring things. I need to try more and see if there is a secret to getting accurate, consistent measurements. But the level works so well, I use it a lot.

      Liked by 1 person

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